Loan Against Property | Property mortgage loan

Loan against property is just click away in Delhi ncr . Before we go further , let us introduce loan against property (LAP) . When you think about Lap there is lot`s of question comes in your mind . What is Lap ? why you should go for Lap ? Who can apply ? What is the basic requirement for Lap ? How many days it will take ? How much i can avail ? What is better personal loan or Lap ? What will be the tenure ? How much it hit your pocket ? Can i apply Lap if my property is already mortgaged in other bank or nbfc bla bla bla :

We have 12 years experience in this industry . That is way we understand your state of mind when you think about loan against property . These are very common queries we generally have from many many customer . Here are the answer of above question in your mind .

What is loan against property
Loan Against Your existing property is called LAP. This is secure loan because bank need property mortgage as security against your loan .